Everett Oliver

Guest Instructor

Everett Oliver is a 25-year veteran of the entertainment industry. Everett specializes in professional directing for Voice Over auditions. He has experience as an animation demo co-producer, a private coach for commercial and animation, as well as a career building consultant.

“… a straight talking, creative wizard
who helps voiceover talent get to
where they need to be.”

Everett’s personal journey has taken him from the Big Apple as a kid, to Georgia where he graduated from Clark Atlanta University, to Los Angeles, where he has been working in the voice over industry for over two decades. Everett has worked on hit animated primetime shows including: The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Men in Black, Jackie Chan Adventures, Hellboy, and X-Men Evolution, (just to name a few), and has worked with animation industry titans such as Disney, Columbia Tri-Star, and Film Roman/Starz. One of the most valuable experiences that Everett brings to the table is his time as a Booth-Director for a LA based talent agency.

Everett’s unique experiences in voiceover casting, coupled with his vast experience in animation production, voiceover casting, talent management, and performance directing gives his clients incredible insight into multiple facets of the business.  When Everett puts on the director’s hat to bring out the best reads for his clients on their auditions, he can draw a performance out of them like no other.

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