Shelley Avellino

Guest Instructor

Shelley is a true Brit, working as a professional Voice Actor, Casting/Booth Director, and a Voiceover Coach based in the USA. She has lived and secured clients all over the world and because of this success in navigating the intricacies and nuances involved in doing business with different countries and cultures. Shelley helps VO talent not only learn how to market themselves locally and internationally, but also how to conduct themselves professionally and culturally to International clients, including negotiating worldwide rates and usage. Shelley works in most genres of VO, her favourite being corporate explainer videos and e-learning and has a remarkable epiphany for medical narration. She is also a full-time voiceover coach with students all over the globe in most areas of performance, and of course, business and marketing. She has voiced for clients such as Amazon Music, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Johnson and Johnson, Bayer, Cadbury and many more.

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