DIALECTS I with Doug Honorof

Doug will coach you individually and in groups on accents from the Southeast of England - RP, London and Estuary, Northern Cities (U.S.), Metro NY, Southern, Mountain, Irish and East Asian accents.  You'll also receive dozens of sound files and voice placement charts.

Prerequisite: You must have taken Articulatory Flexibility in order to take this class.

Upcoming Session

June 27-28 • Sat-Sun • 10am-5pm

DISCLAIMER [for your protection and understanding]: SAG-AFTRA, California's Labor laws, and the Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act state that casting workshops are allowed under the law but cannot offer auditions or employment as part of their services. By registering for a class taught by a talent agent, casting director, producer, or actor who hires talent, you are fully aware that it is not a job interview or audition. By attending a class through a Talent Training and Counseling Service, you further understand that the intent of the class is solely educational.
$ 450.00 USD