VO Atlanta Special Discounts

Voice One's classes, usually only available locally in San Francisco, are now available ONLINE! Since we couldn't meet you this weekend in Atlanta, we're offering you a huge discount on select classes. All classes meet via Zoom, and contain all the great content of their in-person counterparts.

Narration Styles

In Bob Wood's signature class, you will experience various styles of narration and discover that successful narration is built from a foundation of breath support as well as the acting choices you make in analyzing the script or story. After completing this course, you will obtain a feel for which styles of narration copy fit your voice print (and current ability), and how to analyze a script to determine how to approach the content and make appropriate acting choices to fit your analysis.

March 28 - 29 • Saturday/Sunday • 10am - 5pm

Regular Price: $425

VO Atlanta Price: $325 ($100 OFF)


Making It M.I.N.E.

Elaine Clark shares her trademarked method for adding truth to your reads through the use of Motivations, Intentions, Need, and Emotions. It lifts words off the page, helps you sound believable, and infuses your performance with personality and perspective.

April 2 - 23 • Four Thursdays • 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Regular Price: $425

VO Atlanta Price: $325 ($100 OFF)


Beginner Bundle

New to Voice Over? Our Beginner Bundle contains a 3-hour foundational class in each of our three Core Tracks: Commercial, Narration, and Character!

Creating Characters (Animation, Video Games, & Toys)

April 5 • Sunday • 2pm-5pm • More Info

Stepping Out (Commercial)

April 7 • Tuesday • 6:30-9:30pm • More Info

Narration Simple

April 8 • Wednesday • 6:30-9:30pm • More Info

Regular Price: $120 per class

Special Bundled Discount: $300 for all three classes ($60 OFF)


$ 300.00 USD