Maybe you’re not sure which track to choose or perhaps you can’t get enough and want to grow in all three areas of VO! This intensive course features two days each of Commercial, Character, and Narration classes and a unique curriculum that complements the Core, meaning students currently enrolled in Core classes still benefit from this course. As a Voice One student, most of your studies deal with a specific set of skills. VO Fundamentals expands your range by immersing you in foundational skills from across the voice acting spectrum.

This 3-week class meets twice per week from 2-5pm Pacific Time on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Week 1 - Nov 30 & Dec 2: Commercial Skills & Practice

Week 2 - Dec 7 & 9: Character Skills & Practice

Week 3 - Dec 14 & 16: Narration Skills & Practice

Upcoming Online Session:

November 30 - December 16 • Mondays and Wednesdays • 2pm - 5pm PST


$ 495.00 USD