Voice One COVID Policy

In keeping with our goal of providing a safe, fun learning environment, the following info is Voice One’s comprehensive resource on how we’re handling attendance requirements for in-person instruction.

Exposure to COVID-19 and Vaccination Requirements

Students attending in-person classes must stay home if they have COVID symptoms, or if they have recently been exposed to a person with COVID. While proof of vaccination is not currently required in order to attend classes, the CDC recommends that everyone who is eligible get a COVID-19 booster and stay up to date on their vaccines.

Masking And Distancing

In keeping with city and state recommendations, students are not currently required to wear masks on school premises, although the CDC recommends wearing masks for indoor gatherings.

Keeping a Healthy Space

In addition to having windows and doors open with a fan in operation for ventilation and circulation during class sessions, both of our classrooms are equipped with medical grade H13 True HEPA air filters that run 24/7.

Class Size and Structure

Until otherwise noted, our limit for in-person classes is 12 students.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to reach out to us at admin@voiceone.com