Need a Vocal Booth To Rent?

Please Note: Due to health concerns over Covid-19, we are not currently renting the vocal booth.  

Do you have a voice over audition, an audio project, or simply want to record some quality VO and need somewhere to do it?  Then Voice One’s got you covered!  Our professional vocal booth is available for rent at an affordable rate. A fantastic resource for those in the voice over community, our fully enclosed 4’x6’ vocal booth provides high quality sound isolation for one to two people. Features include an AT4050 microphone, air ventilation, natural light, and simple connection capability to your own computer. And because there is no costly engineer, you can rent our vocal booth for $15.00 every fifteen minutes. Should you need more time, costs are calculated every quarter of an hour. So, go ahead, do that pickup or take another run for that perfect read. We’ve got your place to record!

Reserving Our Vocal Booth Is Easy:

For first time renters:

  1. Register your email by filling out the form below.
  2. Once registered, sign our rental agreement and watch the orientation video.
  3. Reserve your time on our "Vocal Booth Rental" Google Calendar.

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