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Do you have a voice over audition, an audio project, or simply want to record some quality VO and need somewhere to do it? Then do it at Voice One! Our professional vocal booth is available for rent at an affordable rate. A fantastic resource for those in the voice over community, our fully enclosed 4’x6’ vocal booth provides high quality sound isolation for one to two people. Features include industry-standard Sennheiser MKH-416 microphone and SSL2 interface. Rates start at $75/hour for regular projects. Drop-in rate is $20/15 minutes for auditions under 1 hour. Additional services are available including engineering and direction. A Source Connect option will be added soon.


Drop-In Hours

Mondays 9am-1pm

Tuesdays 9am-5pm

Registration still required for drop-ins, see below.

Scheduled Sessions

May be reserved in advance during the daytime (9-5pm) on weekdays or weekends; availability is not guaranteed; 1 hour minimum.

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