Sally is amazing and it is invaluable to get the one on one direct, real-time feedback. We Love Sally!!

Ben Collisson

This was a fantastic class. Great coaching and answered so many important questions about VO Great program. Online courses have been exceptionally effective.

Jim O'Connor

I loved the willingness to share learned practices and help people with less experience set themselves up for success; the building of community. All so open hearted between instructors and students. But that’s the VoiceOne way.

Amy Boyd

I love the online format! It's so convenient for me with a busy schedule. Voice One has been great, can't wait for more.

Molly Miklos

Sally is SO good. She hears everything. Her critiques are so constructive and guiding. It’s what we all need to hear.

Hilary Crowley

Jim Edgar is a hoot and easy to work with. He is highly constructive in his criticism and the most newbie of the newbies has every reason to feel treated like the most experienced among the class. There were several good key takeaways.

Rob Vieira

As someone who is brand new to the voice work word, this class was very informative and Jim Edgar made the class fun and light-hearted. Even from this one session, I have gained a little more confidence in myself to keep pursuing what it takes to be a voice actor.

Jordan Cooper

Aaron Burke's technique was great for leading the study group. He provided solid insights during my reads that made for a few different lightbulb moments. I appreciate his thoughtfulness in how he encouraged each performer to try different styles/methods for their reads. He's very encouraging, creative, and provides excellent direction.

Erika Ludwig

Being able to get feedback from a working talent agent is great. Sally knows how to bring out the best in us to impress folks. It was fun.

Alfred Spielmann

Pamela Lorence is very encouraging and has a lovely personality and excellent skill set.

Roberta Michaels

This is vital training for voice actors in the modern age of remote work. Good level of detail; covered a lot of ground in just three hours.

Andrew Rich

Jim Edgar is an incredible teacher who is very generous with his time and very knowledgeable. He is very easy to understand and most importantly creates a safe space for actors to work in. It was truly a great experience, a fun class!

Sonia Torres

Great direction targeted specifically for each student!

Michael Craig

Hi Sally! I got check availed for a corporate narrative job right after brushing off the dust and getting back in to class with you. Thank you! You're the best!

Emma Onasch

I have really enjoyed the classes at Voice One. The instructors are phenomenal and bring a wealth of real world experience.

Sandy Abendroth

Sally's an excellent teacher. Love the online format! So easy and wonderful to use!

Nancy Ma

Small classes, lots of feedback, very fun class and improv ideas. Can't wait to take more classes next semester and hopefully record my first demo!

Danielle Leonard

So great working with industry professionals!

Lindsay Scherbarth

An opportunity to exercise confidence when challenging yourself, and work on maintaining composure when nervous. And having fun!!

Delton Engle-Sorrell

Julie Nathanson shows genuine interest in each person's psyche and work. She is very communicative and attentive with each individual student. She went deeper than focusing on directing to achieve a result and helped us find patterns, blocks, and all kinds of guidance within ourselves and our work. She is very, very kind and a very smart, empathetic, intuitive teacher. I loved that the class size was small and that we had time to get to know each other and work really in-depth with each student.

Boone Williams

Melissa Hutchison is someone who really knows how to inspire me to get out of my comfort zone. Plus she’s hilarious.

Amelia Whatcott

Practice time at Voice One is invaluable!

Roxie Moser

It was such a fun class! I really enjoyed it. I can see how it will help my VO auditions and bookings by bringing freshness and creativity to the work.

Laura Baukol

Jim Edgar is very knowledgeable and takes time with each student to answer questions and clarify concepts. He clearly loves what he does and it shows.

Candace Goetz

Natural Narration was an extremely helpful class both in theory and in practice. Pam is a wonderful teacher, she is super smart, very professional, and extremely engaging with students.

Andrew Cope

The hybrid class was a unique experience and I'm impressed at how the staff was able to create a well working class and experiencefor both the in person and onliners.

Norris Ouk

Script Analysis was very informational. Sally is so patient and will get you sweating in a good way.

Mara Fienrty

I walked away from the Demo Prep class with an abundance of practical knowledge, tool sand support I know will help get me on the road to launching my career. Sally is both incredibly experienced and also authentically kind and generous with her knowledge.

Laura Ricci

Every single class I have taken at Voice One has been extremely insightful and helpful on my journey and I am eternally grateful for that.

Yasin Syed

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