The Voice One Audiobook Program features four distinct classes and three incredible instructors! First Ann Richardson introduces you to the world of Audiobooks. Then P.J. Ochlan helps you develop your own "toolbox" of characters. Next, Emily Lawrence guides you through the business side of audiobooks. Finally, Ann Richardson meets with you again to take your narration up to the next level.

Open to students of all levels. No prior acting or voice over experience necessary! Limited to 8 students.

Class meets once per month, online via Zoom conferencing on Sundays from 10am-1pm Pacific Time.

Intro to Audiobook Narration

Ann Richardson • January 31

Discover the differences between traditional VO and audiobook narration, including the peculiarities that make this career both arduous and fulfilling. Ann will cover equipment, recording environment, preparing a manuscript, the necessity of an editor and how to work with a professional engineer. You'll then perform a fiction and non-fiction sample of your choosing.

The Narrator's Character Toolbox

P.J. Ochlan • February 28

Join multiple award-winning narrator and leading coach P.J. Ochlan as he presents his widely acclaimed “Character Voice Toolbox.” First P.J. will share his collection of practical tools for creating distinct and authentic characters, and then you’ll immediately put the new skills to use as you perform a selection with his expert direction and feedback.

The Business of Audiobooks

Emily Lawrence • March 21

Create a business plan and identify the components of effective time management in the unique world of audiobook narration. Emily will address branding, marketing, websites, demos, and an overview of basic financial knowhow. Also, determine when you can finally transition from your "day job" into full-time narration, in a financially sound way.

Advanced Audiobook Narration: Getting Booked

Ann Richardson • April 18

Find your prospective clients, and how to become "discoverable". Begin to generate your own narration opportunities, network with fellow narrators (who might hire you one day!), authors and publishers, and navigate the quickly-changing landscape of independent audiobook publishers. You'll then perform a fiction and non-fiction sample of your choosing.

DISCLAIMER [for your protection and understanding]: SAG-AFTRA, California's Labor laws, and the Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act state that casting workshops are allowed under the law but cannot offer auditions or employment as part of their services. By registering for a class taught by a talent agent, casting director, producer, or actor who hires talent, you are fully aware that it is not a job interview or audition. By attending a class through a Talent Training and Counseling Service, you further understand that the intent of the class is solely educational.
$ 450.00 USD