The Voice One Audiobook Program features six distinct classes and four incredible instructors! Ann Richardson introduces you to the world of Audiobooks with an on-demand video and subsequent performance workshop. Shannon Parks takes you on a deep dive into your text. P.J. Ochlan helps you develop your own "toolbox" of characters. Kimberly M. Wetherell shows you how to self-direct. Finally, Ann Richardson meets with you again to take your narration up to the next level.

Limited to 8 students.


Audiobook Basics

Ann Richardson • Video available on demand

Is audiobook narration for you? In this two-hour overview you'll hear first-hand from an audiobooks pro the expectations and rewards of being a narrator. Ann outlines the process of making an audiobook from prepping the manuscript to post-production, identifies the major players for finding work, and provides context on the studio and training requirements for this workhorse career. This video is also available for individual purchase.

Intro to Performance

Ann Richardson

Begin your mastery of the craft of audiobook narration with this award-winning narrator. Discover why narration is more than just reading aloud as you breathe an authors' words to life with nuance and intricacy.

Text Analysis

Shannon Parks

By mining the text for clues, you can make choices that serve the author's truth. In this class, you'll acquire the tools and insight to make impactful, informed choices, create characters that are distinct and real, and add specificity and depth to your narration.

Your Character Toolbox

P.J. Ochlan

Join multiple award-winning narrator and leading coach P.J. Ochlan as he presents his widely acclaimed “Character Voice Toolbox.” First P.J. will share his collection of practical tools for creating distinct and authentic characters, and then you’ll immediately put the new skills to use as you perform a selection with his expert direction and feedback.


Kimberly M. Wetherell

Building on the skills you’ve learned by analyzing the text and developing your characters, we will work on developing critical listening skills in order to refine your performance as an outside director might—especially when working alone. Together, we will break down what makes a performance less-than-stellar, and how to make yours shine.Please bring a one-page selection of your choosing (fiction or non-fiction) to class.

Getting Booked

Ann Richardson

Find your prospective clients, and how to become "discoverable". Begin to generate your own narration opportunities, network with fellow narrators (who might hire you one day!), authors and publishers, and navigate the quickly-changing landscape of independent audiobook publishers. You'll then perform a fiction and non-fiction sample of your choosing.

Peer-Led T.A. Sessions

Megan Trout

Megan is an up-and-coming narrator and alumnus of Voice One. As a newer narrator, she will share valuable perspectives and give you the opportunity to practice what you've learned in the program.


DISCLAIMER [for your protection and understanding]: SAG-AFTRA, California's Labor laws, and the Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act state that casting workshops are allowed under the law but cannot offer auditions or employment as part of their services. By registering for a class taught by a talent agent, casting director, producer, or actor who hires talent, you are fully aware that it is not a job interview or audition. By attending a class through a Talent Training and Counseling Service, you further understand that the intent of the class is solely educational.
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