Andy Roth

Guest Instructor

Andy Roth’s voice-casting/direction career has spanned almost three decades.  After serving as the in-house director for one of the country’s top commercial talent agencies, CESD, he started his own company and has since been working with many of the biggest advertising agencies, and production companies in the world. He‘s voice-cast TV shows and movies for such companies as Netflix and Discovery Kids and commercial projects for hundreds of brands including, Spotify, Oculus, Geico, and Coke. He's voice-directed projects for such companies as Netflix and SONY. In the past year alone he’s voice-directed, “The Forest,” Too Hot To Handle – Brazil,” and “Insiders all of which are airing now; and the animated series’ “Gal and Dino” and “Scar on the Praeter” can be seen on Roku & Apple TV. As a producer, his documentary “The Animal People,” executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix, quickly became one of iTunes top 10 most watched docs.

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