This holiday season, Voice One is offering you and your loved ones the opportunity to give the gift of learning.

Consider putting one or more of the following in your holiday gift basket. Or, put it on YOUR list and let your loved ones know...

Intro Class Gift Certificate

Does your mom like to read out loud? Does your best friend talk to their dog in a funny voice? Give them a chance to expand their vocal delights with a gift certificate to the Intro to Voice Over class and start them on a new career path in 2020!

New Student Bundle

Do you have friends and family who'd like to dive right into voice over? Give them the New Student Bundle which includes the Intro class for free.

Audition Club Membership

Add this to your holiday wish list. Tell your loved ones that you want a membership to Audition Club, so you can spend 2020 honing your audition and self-directing skills while checking out the competition.

Doug Honorof Dialect Series

Feeling like a splurge? Get the "accentophiles" in your life the entire Doug Honorof dialect series at the bundled rate.

Other Classes

Is there a class or bundle not listed here that you'd like to give as a gift? Send us an email and we'll make it happen!

Once you've made your purchase, we'll create a digital gift certificate with your loved one's name on it that you can email or print for them.
On the checkout page, be sure to put your own email address at the top, and put your recipient's name under "Additional Information".

Happy Gifting!

$ 65.00 USD