When it comes to Voice 123, the practice of throwing a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks isn’t going to cut it, and in fact, could be detrimental. Join these V123 Super-Nerds as they guide you through the site's intricacies and algorithms to help you optimize your participation, navigate the site, and present a perfect profile to find success!

Prerequisite: Student must be able to record auditions from their home studio.

Tuition Includes:

• Natasha and Katherine's pre-recorded nine-module course "Optimize Your Experience on V123"

• Keywording Lab

• LIve Profile Audits

• In-class V123 audition feedback

Upcoming Online Sessions

Online classes will be held on Zoom. Link will be sent to registered students 24 hours before first class session.

August 10-24 • 3 Tuesdays • 6:30-9:30pm PDT

$ 455.00 USD