Jordan Reynolds

Guest Instructor

Jordan's voice encompasses a broad spectrum of a colorful and engaging characters.

Based in Los Angeles, he regularly works in virtually all mediums of voiceover. You can hear him in thousands of commercials, dozens of video games, endless corporate videos, many anime series, and more.

Voice Matching Celebrities is one of Jordan's unique specialties.

He's an active student at The Groundlings School - the legendary improv theatre. Where he's constantly sharpening his improv, sketch comedy, and character development skills.

He is one of the most in-demand demo producers in the business. Producing both audio and video reels for VO talent.

Also, he's an Audio Ninja. He designs and troubleshoots home studios for voice talent with his bat-like ears.

He is a frequent speaker on the topic of demos, audio, and voice over at some of the largest conferences in the industry. Including VO Atlanta, WoVOCon, and Faffcamp.

Jordan also played a key role in designing the Roswell Pro Audio RA-VO microphone - A premium quality microphone made specifically for voice-over.

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