Participate in a 3-hour workshop designed to provide an overview of the voice over industry. We'll cover the evolution of voice over, the different types of VO, current and future trends, financial possibilities, and what it takes to build a career. Plus, everyone in class gets the opportunity to read copy.

Prerequisites: none

Loved this Intro class, such fun, and deeply appreciate Sally’s skill and expertise! For someone just getting started, it’s incredible to have access to teachers with this level of experience. I’m really looking forward to taking more Voice One classes.— Laura Ricci

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The Beginner Bundle contains the Intro to Voice Over plus three foundational classes in Commercial, Narration, and Character.

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Bundle includes:

Intro to Voice Over (FREE!)
Commercial Confidence

Radio & TV Commercials. Commercial dialogues and basic script analysis. Starting to sound real.

Narration Simple

Corporate Narration & Storytelling. Finding the story in all forms of narration.

Creating Characters

Video Games, Animation, & Toys. The difference between a "voice" and a "character."

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