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Dig deep into specific areas of VO that interest you. Private lessons with Sally Clawson, owner of Voice One, will provide direction and clarity to your path of study.

Lessons are regularly available via Zoom through prior arrangement with school administrator. Choose your area of focus from the tiers below:

Scheduling: Availability is listed below. Lessons must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Lessons may be rescheduled or canceled without penalty with at least 24-hour notice. Missed lessons will be forfeited.

Attention: Private lessons are currently scheduled by email only. Please email Aaron via classes@voiceone.com to schedule a lesson. Self-scheduling will return in April.

Lesson Options:

Lesson options are detailed below, including session length, pricing, and scheduling. If the only lessons available are longer than the lesson type that you are looking to schedule, or if you have any other questions, please write an email to Aaron via classes@voiceone.com.

Career & Goals

30 minutes • $100

Great for: students who have just completed the beginner bundle, the core curriculum, or an advanced track

• gain guidance and focus on your path of study

• discuss next steps in the Voice One program or into your professional career

• evaluate your branding materials, strategize for talent submission, and review your website

General Availability:
2:10-2:40PM PDT - Thursdays
Select weekend spots

Evaluation & Placement

45 minutes • $140

Great for: anyone new to the Voice One program with prior acting or voice over experience, or returning students

• receive a performance evaluation

• discuss your current and future voice over goals

• formulate a plan that integrates your prior training with the Voice One program

General Availability
9:35-10:20AM PDT - Thursdays
Select weekend spots

Training & Skill Development

1 hour • $175

Great for: performance-focused personalized growth

• receive specific feedback on your current skills and direction in where you need to grow

• identify personal obstacles and work with Sally to overcome them

• improve on home auditions, script analysis, and ability to self-direct

General Availability
10:30-11:30AM PDT - Thursdays
2:50-3:50PM PDT - Thursdays
4:00-5:00PM PDT - Tuesdays & Thursdays
Select weekend spots

Lesson Packages

Consistent action creates consistent results! Step up your training with a continuous, private lesson plan

Ten 1-hour Lessons     $1,575 (save $175 - that's one free lesson!)

Note: please coordinate your 10-lesson schedule by emailing Aaron


Registration for private lessons is non-refundable and may not be transferred as payment for another class. Purchase of a lesson package does not guarantee scheduling availability. A minimum 24-hour notice is required to cancel a lesson; otherwise, missed lesson will be forfeited. Lessons can be rescheduled or canceled without penalty 24 hours in advance.


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