Ready to launch your voice over career? This is the place to start!

The Beginner Bundle contains three 3-hour foundational classes, one for each of our Core Tracks: Commercial, Narration, and Character! Register for all three beginner classes (see below) and take the Intro to Voice Over class for free! (reg. price $50)

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Prerequisites: none

Zoom link will be sent 24 hours prior to start of class

Bundle includes:

all classes are listed in Pacific Time

Intro to Voice Over (more info)

Learn the basics of the industry and get a chance to read from a voice over script!

Commercial Confidence (more info)

Radio & TV Commercials. Commercial dialogues and basic script analysis. Starting to sound real.

Narration Simple (more info)

Corporate Narration & Storytelling. Finding the story in all forms of narration.

Creating Characters (more info)

Video Games, Animation, & Toys. The difference between a "voice" and a "character." 



Intro to VO: May 7 • Saturday • 10am-1pm PDT

Commercial: May 7 • Saturday • 2:00 - 5:00pm PDT

Narration: May 14 • Saturday • 10am - 1pm PDT

Characters: May 14 • Saturday • 2:00-5:00pm PDT

June 2022

Intro to VO: June 4 • Saturday • 10am-1pm PDT

Commercial: June 5 • Sunday • 10am - 1pm PDT

Narration: June 11 • Saturday • 10am - 1pm PDT

Characters: June 12 • Sunday • 10am - 1pm PDT

July 2022

Intro to VO: July 9 • Saturday • 10am-1pm PDT

Commercial: July 10 • Sunday • 10am - 1pm PDT

Narration: July 16 • Saturday • 10am - 1pm PDT

Characters: July 17 • Sunday • 10am - 1pm PDT


The Beginner Bundle includes all four classes occurring within the month of your choosing. If you are unable to attend any of the classes within the chosen month, send us an email and let us know your preferred dates for each class.

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$ 360.00 USD