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Online participation will be held on Zoom. Link will be sent to registered students 24 hours before first class session.
In-Person classes will be held on location at Voice One in San Francisco. See Vaccination Policy below. In the event that in-person class becomes unavailable due to COVID restrictions, class will be held on Zoom.

Classes Included:


One of the misconceptions about voice over is that it requires proper and polished speaking, when in truth it requires emotionally connected and intentional talking. And since our emotions and intentions arise spontaneously, we must manufacture or “act” the emotion and intention authentically. That’s why it’s called voice acting, and not voice speaking. In this impactful class, you’ll build your foundation of taking an action-based approach to copy. You’ll discover your motivation, break copy down into beats, learn how to score a scene, and imbue your copy with meaning, subtext, emotion and intention.

Two Options:
March 7 - April 11 • 6 Mondays • 6:30-9:30pm Pacific – Online
June 4 - July 16 • 6 Saturdays • 10am-1pm Pacific – In-Person


Live your dream of working full-time as a voice actor by developing your freelance business skills!

The first part of our Career Core series is taught by Voice One alum and attorney, Angeli Fitch, who built her voice over business from student to full-time working actor. She will cover creating an effective business plan, setting realistic goals, using time tracking and management strategies to stay on target, and conducting focused industry research.

Then Sally will follow up with a go-to resource grid on who’s who in the industry and how they will play a part in your career growth, networking and self-promotion.

Lastly, Jim Edgar will serve as your fees and finance guide to help you figure out how to set your rates, determine industry standards, and figure out what to charge.

March 17 - April 7 • Thursdays • 6:30-9:30pm PDT – Online


The Voice Core series starts with Sally going over the kinesthetic process of speech, practicing warm-up and strengthening exercises, and performing heightened text that challenges even the seasoned speaker.

Then Rebecca Castelli will show you how to zero-in on your problem areas such as slurred words, enunciation difficulties, and regionalisms, among other issues. She'll strengthen your lips, tongue, and jaw so you are free to focus on your acting and intention.

Lastly, Julia Norton will help you discover how to get through hours of narration and video game voice over by exploring breathing, resonance,  and posture to master the tips and tricks that keep your voice healthy and happy all day long.

May 5-26 • Thursdays • 6:30-9:30pm PDT – Online

Vaccination Policy

In order to facilitate a safe and healthy learning environment, we require that all students registered for in-person classes email Voice One with proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Please send your proof of vaccination to after registering for an in-person class.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our policy, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can also read more about our COVID safety procedures here.

$ 1,155.00 USD